Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Death in the shadows

A super scary tale here from...?

GRAMMAR GURUS: Some fantastic non-finite clauses to spot in this one (-ing clauses). Also some great complex sentences (look out for connectives like 'even though'). Look out for some very effective uses of adverbs too!

Death in the Shadows

I woke up at quarter to three. Glancing at a wrecked old tree, I heard the wind moving swiftly, the leaves noisily drifting on the pavement floor. As I captured this scene I, at the same time, I saw something next to the tree. It was standing dead on the spot and despite the wind it didn't move a
single inch out of its place. I wondered who, or what it was. Perhaps the postman playing a joke with me. But why would he arrive this early?

I bravely go out of my bed and went into the front garden. AsI took steps towards it I felt a shiver running down my neck and towards my spine. I tried to be calm but somehow I was taking deep and fast breaths but I wasn't doing it on purpose. I shook my head and carried on walking.

"Hello anyone there?" I said, my voice slightly shaking. I heard no answer. "SHOW YOURSELF!" I shouted, just to see if it was deaf, but again I heard no voice. I decided that I should go and see it my self to see what was going on, there was no time for me to be wimpy about it.

Even though I felt weak and paralysed, I was trying to be at least strong. There was only 5 steps away for finding out for who it was. I heard mumbling, though I couldn't understand what it was trying to say. I stopped and listened again. A voice. It said something but still I couldn't figure it out. At last I heard it speak. "You. Are. Mine."

I felt scared, I didn't know what to do. How could it mean "You. Are. Mine" It didn't mean anything but then I thought of it. "You Are Mine." I thought it was time to meet my death, maybe this was my last thought... I was face to face with it. I hoped it was a dream,or a nightmare at least, then I finally spoke "I don't know who you are! Why have you chosen me and not anyone else?"

I was frantically terrified but there were two choices, either sit strong or die in a hurtful way.The man said nothing except "You. Are. Mine." I couldn't hold it anymore I had to say it either way "Get away from me! There does that give you an answer NOW?" It got really angry with me. I could tell his white skin was turning red. His thin pencil-like eyebrows were furring, his teeth biting. He finally took one of his arms towards my neck squeezed it tight until I was dead.

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  1. I woke up twisting and turning finding it difficuilt to sleep.Staring through the window of the house I recently moved into,I heard a scratching noise one by one k k k k k turning into stamping.I looked back eventhough my brother was fast asleep I said "Jeremy is that you"? suddenly the hairs on my neck began to stand tall.I went closer to the door AAAAHHHHH!...

    By Reece


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