Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Next up, a creepy tale from Charity.
GRAMMAR GURUS: Can you spot the parenthetical commas in her second sentence?

Hmmmm... 13, my age, my door number, the date.

I was standing at my window when I heard a noise, a kind of moaning noise, coming from my sister's room. I walked into her room and over to her bed. I pulled the covers from her face.

It was not my sister... it was...

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  1. Damp.Wet.Smelly.Ancient.
    I went to the country side and got lost i found a cave.It looked ancient then i saw a grave it had my mothers name. Claire, mother of... Shane. It cant be IT CANT.Then a saw a flick of light a sizzle and a pop.I sunk.down,down,down.A cold hand gripped me on the ankle and i heard a voice.Join me.Join me.I missed you my daughter i new you would come look i dug a beautiful grave for u then i felt something chewing me."NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" i shouted till i couldn't breathe.
    I fell dizzy i shut my eyes as my mother thinks
    i ought to die.
    From Nasra


Please tell us what chilling activities you have been up to at home. Scared your little brother yet? Told a story that made your mum sleep with the light on? Maybe even tell us a short story or poem of your own!