Friday, 1 March 2013

The Scream

Yet another excellent contribution from Reece now. What I really like about this short story is the way Reece has used lots of the authorial techniques we have been talking about in class. For example, he gets straight into the action by starting with an intriguing action.

GRAMMAR GURUS: He has also used one of our complex sentence starters as well as a very effective non-finite clause (-ing clause). Can you spot them?

The Scream
I woke up twisting and turning, finding it difficult to sleep. Staring through the window of the house I recently moved into, I heard scratching noises. One by one, turning into stamping. I looked back. Even though my brother was fast asleep, I said "Jeremy is that you?"

Suddenly the hairs on my neck began to stand tall. I went closer to the door...


by Reece

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Death in the shadows

A super scary tale here from...?

GRAMMAR GURUS: Some fantastic non-finite clauses to spot in this one (-ing clauses). Also some great complex sentences (look out for connectives like 'even though'). Look out for some very effective uses of adverbs too!

Death in the Shadows

I woke up at quarter to three. Glancing at a wrecked old tree, I heard the wind moving swiftly, the leaves noisily drifting on the pavement floor. As I captured this scene I, at the same time, I saw something next to the tree. It was standing dead on the spot and despite the wind it didn't move a
single inch out of its place. I wondered who, or what it was. Perhaps the postman playing a joke with me. But why would he arrive this early?

I bravely go out of my bed and went into the front garden. AsI took steps towards it I felt a shiver running down my neck and towards my spine. I tried to be calm but somehow I was taking deep and fast breaths but I wasn't doing it on purpose. I shook my head and carried on walking.

"Hello anyone there?" I said, my voice slightly shaking. I heard no answer. "SHOW YOURSELF!" I shouted, just to see if it was deaf, but again I heard no voice. I decided that I should go and see it my self to see what was going on, there was no time for me to be wimpy about it.

Even though I felt weak and paralysed, I was trying to be at least strong. There was only 5 steps away for finding out for who it was. I heard mumbling, though I couldn't understand what it was trying to say. I stopped and listened again. A voice. It said something but still I couldn't figure it out. At last I heard it speak. "You. Are. Mine."

I felt scared, I didn't know what to do. How could it mean "You. Are. Mine" It didn't mean anything but then I thought of it. "You Are Mine." I thought it was time to meet my death, maybe this was my last thought... I was face to face with it. I hoped it was a dream,or a nightmare at least, then I finally spoke "I don't know who you are! Why have you chosen me and not anyone else?"

I was frantically terrified but there were two choices, either sit strong or die in a hurtful way.The man said nothing except "You. Are. Mine." I couldn't hold it anymore I had to say it either way "Get away from me! There does that give you an answer NOW?" It got really angry with me. I could tell his white skin was turning red. His thin pencil-like eyebrows were furring, his teeth biting. He finally took one of his arms towards my neck squeezed it tight until I was dead.

Thursday, 14 February 2013


A first submission from Nasra now. A mysterious short story:

A trip to the Underworld
Damp. Wet. Smelly. Ancient.

I went to the countryside and got lost. I found a cave. It looked ancient. Then I saw a grave; it had my mother's name. Claire, mother of... Shane. It cant be... IT CANT!

Then a saw a flicker of light, a sizzle and a pop. I sank down, down, down. A cold hand gripped me on the ankle and I heard a voice. "Join me. Join me. I missed you, my daughter, I knew you would come. Look I dug a beautiful grave for you!"

Then I felt something chewing me. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I shouted until I couldn't breathe. I felt dizzy and shut my eyes.

By Nasra

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


A fantastic short story now from Tanya. I love the story building in this one! Plenty to 'borrow' for your own chillers :)
GRAMMAR GURUS: Some nice adverbs used in this one and one more non-finite clauses, one of which is beautifully dropped into a sentence with parenthetical commas. Can you spot them?

Nine o' clock. Mum and dad are out. I am left alone in the old creaky flat. DRIP DRIP DRIP went the tap as I headed towards the closet to grab a mop.

Suddenly, I felt like something cold just ran through me. I was breathing heavily, gasping for air. Just at that moment, a shrill knock pierced the silence. "Who would come at a time like this?" I thought, staring through the window, peering at the pitch black sky.

I reluctantly opened the door, finding a small creased note on the floor. I scooped it up in my hands and read the message. My heart skipped a beat. It said "KILL!"

I swallowed my fear. I was sweating heavily as I ran down the hallway to call 999, but before I could even touch the phone, a cold bony hand grabbed me firmly. I screwed my eyes shut, tensing every muscle in my body, then a cold eery voice whispered... "KILL".

By Tanya

The Ghoul

A first post from Chantelle now, and it's a fantastic poem that she's adapted from one on the web. Look out for the chilling ending!
The Ghoul
The gruesome ghoul, the grisly ghoul,
without the slightest noise
waits patiently beside the school
to feast on girls and boys

He lungs fiercely through the air
as they come out to play,

He cracks their bones and snaps their backs
and squeezes out their lungs,
he chews their thumbs like candy snack
and pulls apart their tongues

Fingers, elbows, hands and knees
and arms and legs and feet-
he eats them with delight and ease,
for every part's a treat

And when the gruesome, grisly ghoul
has nothing left to chew,
he hurries to another school
and waits...perhaps for you.


Dead Devil

Another submission from Charity, this time a visit from a classic chiller story character...


One day I was at a friends house. I came home from her house late. I was strolling down St. Mary's Avenue when someone screamed, "You are going to die here, like everybody else! You know this will happen!" and as she said it, others started to appear, not people but ghosts!!

They were chasing me across the wet, muddy grass when I fell into a dark red hole. A man was there looking thirsty for blood. He had horns and had red skin. Oh my gosh the devil has risen again!!!!!!!!!

So if u look in the mirror any time soon, you will be dragged in by me because I am your worst nightmare!!

by Charity

The Woman in Black theatre trip?

Ok, so this year, we in Year 6 would LOVE to go to the Fortune Theatre in Russell Street in the West End to see the spine tingling chiller, The Woman in Black.

Most of our 52 Year 6 children have never been to a West End theatre production. Such an exciting adventure would cost around £1000.

So, this year we would like to appeal to any benevolent souls to donate to our...
If you can spare a donation, large or small, to help us on our way, please email Mr Hanley, Year 6 teacher, on this email address:

and let him know how you can help.

Or alternatively telephone the school on 020 72541589.

Thank you!

Tick tock

Time for another poem, this time sent in by Esma. Some lovely imagery in this one.
Tick tock goes the clock...
I went upstairs with strange feelings, turned off the light and went into bed.
I suddenly started feeling so frightened. I felt the lurch in my tummy all tightened.
Something ticking under my bed, maybe I was imaging it all in my head
I felt tired and yet couldn't sleep for a feeling of worry.
Longing for sleep I look around my room,and see something on my wall
Is it the branches of a tree that casts a shadow to my bedroom's wall, or something coming towards me...?
A glimpse of a dark shadow appearing right behind me. I got out of my bed slowly looking to see what was lying under my bed...

Two polished black shoes standing across, waiting for me. I stood up to see a man with a funny mask smiling at me...

By Esma Leymun

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Granny's Grave

A superb contribution from Reece: This one inspired by the lyrics from Michael Jackson's Thriller. I love the authorial technique in this one: great use of short sentences for effect.
GRAMMAR GURUS: Another set of parenthetical commas to spot and a non-finite clause ('ing' clause to you and me).

It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark
Under the moonlight I can see the sight that stops your heart
I try to screem but terror takes the sound before you make it...

I have frozen as horror looks me straight into my eyes. Suddenly I'm paralized and nobody can save me from the beast that's about to strike!

Then when I unfroze, I walked into a room. I heard the door slam and realized that there was nowhere else to run. I felt a cold hand and, wondering if I would ever see the sun ever again, I closed my eyes. Hoping it was just my imagination, I could also hear a creature creeping up behind me. I put my hand to my head, praying. Then I was finally released when I started sprinting.

I looked back and then I saw a grave stone that said both my name and my Nan's! I said inside my head what the...

BANG! I fell. I tried to get up but something was holding me back! I looked down and it was my Nan eating my flesh!


Next up, a creepy tale from Charity.
GRAMMAR GURUS: Can you spot the parenthetical commas in her second sentence?

Hmmmm... 13, my age, my door number, the date.

I was standing at my window when I heard a noise, a kind of moaning noise, coming from my sister's room. I walked into her room and over to her bed. I pulled the covers from her face.

It was not my sister... it was...

Feel my pain...

Our first contribution for this year's blog is in!
Well done to Reece for creating a superbly crafted powerful poem.
Feel my Pain
Full of tears and sadness
I can no longer stand on my own
The words you spoke stung my heart
In tears, with a knife in my head
The enemy is thinking what to do next
To slice my body and make its blood
Holes inside my heart, I feel alone
I never understood what I was going through
Not knowing my hurt, makes it worse
You hiding these lies brings tears to my eyes
Not telling me what I done wrong hurts even more

By Reece

Monday, 11 February 2013

Welcome to the 2013 Year 6 Chiller Writing Project blog!

It's CHILLER TIME again!

Welcome to the 2013 Year 6 Chiller Project.

Hmmm... 13? A number full of creepy potential! I expect this year's terrifying tales will therefore be all the more spine chilling :)

On these pages, Year 6 at Princess May will be sending in their short stories, poems, links, pictures, videos, recordings and just about anything else that they might use to keep you awake at night, terrified of turning out the light!

To get you in a suitably murderous mood, why not take a look at our previous project blogs:

Happy haunting!