Thursday, 14 February 2013


A first submission from Nasra now. A mysterious short story:

A trip to the Underworld
Damp. Wet. Smelly. Ancient.

I went to the countryside and got lost. I found a cave. It looked ancient. Then I saw a grave; it had my mother's name. Claire, mother of... Shane. It cant be... IT CANT!

Then a saw a flicker of light, a sizzle and a pop. I sank down, down, down. A cold hand gripped me on the ankle and I heard a voice. "Join me. Join me. I missed you, my daughter, I knew you would come. Look I dug a beautiful grave for you!"

Then I felt something chewing me. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I shouted until I couldn't breathe. I felt dizzy and shut my eyes.

By Nasra


  1. It's dark, it's cold, it's chilly, it's damp.I try to shut my eyes but I can't.

    I wonder if I'll ever make it through the night, I'll just have to use my might.

    I turned, I shuffled trying to put myself in a comfortable position, but when I looked at my door I saw a Monstrous image.

    I was wondering what It could be, my Mum, my Dad no it can't be.

    I stared at It not daring to shout, It started moving coming closer and closer, I prayed for it to be over.

    5 seconds later still staring at that repulsive image. But suddenly it latched onto my face thought it was the end of me. But I wake up the next day with 1 arm.

    But I'm lucky to still be alive to breath...

  2. I woke up in at quarter to three glancing at a wrecked old tree I heard the wind moving swiftly,the leaves lazily drifting on the pavement floor.As I captured this scene I,at the same time,saw a thing next to the tree.It was standing dead on the spot and despite the wind it didn't move a
    single inch out of its place.I wondered who it was perhaps the mail-man having a little play at me,but why would it arrive this early? my thought of
    the mail-man playing tricks on me was quite stupid.I tried guessing loads of things but somehow didn't fit in the place where it was standing.I bravely go out of my bed and went into the front garden as I took steps towards it I felt a shiver running down my neck and towards my spine.I tried to be calm but somehow I was taking deep and fast breaths but I wasn't doing it on purpus perhaps it was doing it automatically.I shook my head and carried on walking,"Hello anyone there?" I said my voice slightly shaking,I heard no answer "SHOW YOURSELF" I shouted,just to see if it was deaf,but (again)heard no voice.I deiced that I should go and see it my self to see what was going on,but still didn't believe my self that I was going to be acting like this it vast and serious and brave there was no time for me to be wimpy about it. Even though I felt weak and paralyzed I was trying to be at least strong. There was only 5 steps away for finding out for who it was.I heard mumbling,though I couldn't understand what it was trying to say,I stopped and listened again it said something but still I couldn't figure it out.At last I heard it come to sense "You.Are.Mine" I felt scared I didn't know what to do,how could it mean "You.Are.Mine" it didn't mean anything but then I thought of it You Are Mine I thought it was time to meet my death,maybe this was my last thought...I was face to face with it I hoped it was a dream,or a nightmare at least, then I finally spoke "I don't know who you are,why have you chose me and not anyone else?" I was frantically terrified but there was 2 choices either sat strong or to die in a hurtful way.The man said nothing except "You.Are.Mine" I couldn't hold it anymore I had to say it either way ",there does that give you an answer NOW?" It got really angry with me I could tell his white
    skin was turning red his thin pencil-like eyebrows was furring,his teeth bittering he finally took one of his arms towards my neck squeezed it tight until I was dead...


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