Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Tick tock

Time for another poem, this time sent in by Esma. Some lovely imagery in this one.
Tick tock goes the clock...
I went upstairs with strange feelings, turned off the light and went into bed.
I suddenly started feeling so frightened. I felt the lurch in my tummy all tightened.
Something ticking under my bed, maybe I was imaging it all in my head
I felt tired and yet couldn't sleep for a feeling of worry.
Longing for sleep I look around my room,and see something on my wall
Is it the branches of a tree that casts a shadow to my bedroom's wall, or something coming towards me...?
A glimpse of a dark shadow appearing right behind me. I got out of my bed slowly looking to see what was lying under my bed...

Two polished black shoes standing across, waiting for me. I stood up to see a man with a funny mask smiling at me...

By Esma Leymun

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