Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Feel my pain...

Our first contribution for this year's blog is in!
Well done to Reece for creating a superbly crafted powerful poem.
Feel my Pain
Full of tears and sadness
I can no longer stand on my own
The words you spoke stung my heart
In tears, with a knife in my head
The enemy is thinking what to do next
To slice my body and make its blood
Holes inside my heart, I feel alone
I never understood what I was going through
Not knowing my hurt, makes it worse
You hiding these lies brings tears to my eyes
Not telling me what I done wrong hurts even more

By Reece


  1. DEAD!

    I slowly die inside
    from all the times i have cried
    (I risked my life for you)
    you look at me I stare back
    you look right through me
    like I was never alive
    I am invisible
    for the same reason I knew I was going to be like this to you
    I wish I can see you again
    but no matter what I do
    I am dead to you

    By Reece

  2. Tick tock goes the Clock..

    I went upstairs with strange feelings,
    turned off the light and went
    into bed.

    I suddenly started feeling so frightened,
    I felt the lurch in my tummy all tightened.

    Something ticking under my bed, maybe I was imaging it all in my head

    I felt tired and yet couldn't sleep to a feeling of worry. Longing for sleep I look around my room,and see something on my wall

    Is it the branches of a tree that casts a shadow to my bedroom's wall, or something coming towards me...

    A glimpse of the dark shadow appearing right behind me. i got out of my bed slowly looking to see what was lying under my bed..

    Two polished black shoes standing across waiting for me, I stood up to see a man with the funny mask smiling at me..

    By Esma Leymun


Please tell us what chilling activities you have been up to at home. Scared your little brother yet? Told a story that made your mum sleep with the light on? Maybe even tell us a short story or poem of your own!