Friday, 1 March 2013

The Scream

Yet another excellent contribution from Reece now. What I really like about this short story is the way Reece has used lots of the authorial techniques we have been talking about in class. For example, he gets straight into the action by starting with an intriguing action.

GRAMMAR GURUS: He has also used one of our complex sentence starters as well as a very effective non-finite clause (-ing clause). Can you spot them?

The Scream
I woke up twisting and turning, finding it difficult to sleep. Staring through the window of the house I recently moved into, I heard scratching noises. One by one, turning into stamping. I looked back. Even though my brother was fast asleep, I said "Jeremy is that you?"

Suddenly the hairs on my neck began to stand tall. I went closer to the door...


by Reece

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